Transfer Credits and Life Experience: Credits may be transferred to Gary International Institute only for courses that have similar course description. Also, credits for life experience could be granted based on you past and current experience. Maximum of 6 quarter credits could be transferred for 1-year diploma program and 12 quarter credits could be transferred for 2-year diploma program. Transfer credits must have been taken at institutions accredited by a national accrediting agency. life experience credits must be proven in same field of major applied for. Registration office reserve the right to deny transfer credits from any institution.

Transfer credits could be accepted after careful revision in certain cases such as: ·

  • credits from state authorized institutes ·

  • credits from non-accredited institutions ·

  • credits based on life-experience.

International Students: Our mission is to provide quality distance higher education programs over the globe to enrich our students with different cultural, ethical, and global aspects. We do accept students from any part of the world.

Gary International Institute does not discriminate against race, religion, gender, or disability. Gary International Institute is fully online which means that students can learn from any part of the world. This will save housing, transportation, living costs, medical insurance, books, and visas. These savings could be for your future or pleasure.

Gary International Institute support having a diverse international community. This will help students to inter-connect with different cultures around the globe and provide broader understanding of our world. We encourage students to share their cultures and stories. We encourage students to participate in our non-curricular activities that will enrich their college experience

Requirements: Admission to our institute is governed by 2 criteria: HS GPA and Capacity. Admissions deadline is two weeks before the beginning of each quarter. All applicants should send all documents to the admissions office before admission deadline. All documents received by the admission office is the property of the institute and will not be returned. Applications after the deadline are welcome but will not guarantee admission and late fees may apply. Several meetings will be conducted for decision-making on a rolling basis. Our institute does not discriminate between applicants on basis of their race, religion, gender, and disability. Admission minimum requirements are:

  • 1. Application form

  • 2. Application fees (currently waived – a $50 saving)

  • 3. High School Diploma

  • 4. Language requirement

  • Financial Statement

How to Apply: The application form is available electronically and printed formats. Fill the electronic application form, attach required documents, and press send. You can also print the application form, fill, sign, scan, and send by email together with the required documents. All documents should be official. You can scan official documents and attach them to the email. The application form is available on our website and the email is admissions@

The application fees are currently waived to ease the admission process to students. You can still apply after the admission deadline without immediately paying the fees, but it will be added to the first payment. There are several methods for payments of tuition and fees. Check the bursar’s website at www.

Financial statement is required to assure that you can pay your tuition on time. This should be a 3-month official bank statement print showing monthly salary or adequate periodical income. If your parents or a sponsor is paying for your tuition, then the financial statement should be accompanied with a letter of commitment to pay tuition. The letter of commitment format could be found at www.

Application Requirements:

  1. Application form can be found on our website at www.

  2. Application fee is a nonrefundable $50. It could be paid by credit cards, PayPal, or certified check made payable to Gary International Institute. It also could be paid after admission with 1st payment.

  3. High School Diploma must be official or certified copy. Other equivalent diploma may be accepted after careful revision. applicant must have a D+ passing grade (equivalent to 65 %).

  4. Proof of English Fluency is required for international students. English proficiency test such as TOEFL or IELTS are accepted. Acceptable scores are 450 PBT, 133 CBT, 45 IBT, or 5.5 IELTS. Other tests are acceptable, but scores should be comparable to those mentioned above. Applicants with English test scores lower than required can still apply for conditional admission. International applicants are exempted from the Proof of English fluency requirement if: a. high school diploma is issued by a country whose native language is English b. high school diploma is issued by an international school teaching in English c. applicant has nationality of a country whose native language is English d. applicant is a residence of a country whose native language is English

  5. Financial Statement must include (1) 3-month official bank statement print (self, parent, or sponsor) showing monthly income (2) Letter of commitment by account holder (parent, or sponsor). The form is available on admissions office website.

OF Acceptance



All documents should be official. You can scan official documents and attach them to the email. The application form is available on our website and the email is admissions@



Registration package will include enrollment agreement and payment method forms. Students must fill, sign, scan the enrollment agreement and email it to registration office. Students must fill, sign, scan the enrollment agreementform and email it to the registration office



Bursar’s office can be reached by email at Students must make payment to the institute on a semester-by-semester basis. This could be done electronically or by filling the payment form. Students must fill, sign, scan the payment form and email it to the bursars’ office.


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Administration Consists of several departments: Admissions office, Registration Office, Bursars' Office, Legal Department, and Technical Department.